Advanced 3D modelling techniques with Autocad.

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Advanced 3D Modelling.

Advanced 3D Modelling.

Our Advanced 3D Modelling training teaches how to create some very impressive models with complexities such as sweeping and undulating surfaces. Furniture, car bodywork, etc. Creating your own portfolio of impressive 3D models - and having them visible or for sale on your own portfolio / career history website - is the key to pursuing a lucrative 3D design career... Read on for details about how to download this Advanced Course without having to register.

With this knowledge, it is possible to create endless 3D objects that are usefull to other people. Why not create your own webpage of high quality 3D models and sell them on the internet. To find out more, contact us with your questions using our 'Feedback' page.

Care is needed when considering doing the 'Advanced Modelling' training, because it is easy to become an expert at creating 3D models and still be totally incompetent with 'live' 3D design projects, despite being an accomplished modeller.

It's a common but wrong belief to think 3D design is simply about 3D modelling and little else. This misplaced belief has a analogy with driving. With driving and 3D CAD, 2 levels of ability are needed. With driving, knowledge of how to control the car AND the rules of using the road are both required. With CAD, a knowledge of 3D modelling AND the 3D Design Process are both required. Driving a car adequately in a feild does not mean someone is a competent driver on the road. They also have to know the rules of the road as well. Being a good 3D modeller does not make you a 3D designer, because you also have to understand the '3D design process' and how 3D models fit in with a 3D design project.

What about the collaboration issues, inheriting models, and sharing the design workload? What layer structure should be used to achieve this? How can 3D assembly models be made to give a comprehensive parts list? These questions and more are answered in our FREE 47 task course in Section D of this website.

Give careful consideration about your level of 3D design knowledge - There is a good chance you need far more training about the '3D design process' (FREE in Section D of this website) and far less training about creating complex geometry. The 3D models used in Section D are very simple, but the wider issues covered in the the 47 tasks about collaboration, layer structures, and parts lists, are VITAL for people that want to be competent at doing 3D design work to a professional level.

The Advanced training module includes a certificate and is available for a nominal fee (similar to the cost of a large cola drink) by clicking here and following the instructions. If you have any questions or need help, please dial one of the numbers below.

From inside Great Britain (UK) phone:-             08714 - 237136
From outside Great Britain (UK) phone:-   0044 - 8714 - 237136