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Printing details for our 3D Tutorial Course.

Printing in one go.

Take your career forward and get on in life.
Don't waste time - simply learn more and earn more.

Research shows most companies regularly consider moving to 3D design and that people with proper 3D design skills are in higher demand and thus find work more financially rewarding. 3D design also has the added benefit of being far more interesting. Our training gets designers to a 'Professional Level' of 3D CAD Design compared to traditional 3D training courses because as well as 3D geometry construction, it includes layer structures to allow collaborative working along with training about the management of 3D designs.

Please read the next section carefully.

Making donations for the training you require happens in 3 very easy stages:-

Step 1.
There is a currency converter link to a new window allowing you to asses the values in your local currency.
Step 2.
Select the payment donation button at the bottom of this page corresponding to the training you require.
Step 3.
Upon completing the payment stage, you will instantly get a window giving what you require.

Prices and value.

We offer a very flexible donation structure based on what sum buyers are prepared to pay and it can be done by credit card, or by an existing internet account such as PayPal. We simply ask you to donate what you think is fair but there are 3 basic rules.

Rule 1.
We require a minimum donation to cover the costs incurred to process the payment.
The minimum charge is set at 0.75 (75 pence) in GBP Sterling.
Attempting to donate a sum below this minimum value will lead to an unsuccessful transaction.

Rule 2.
We suggest a donation level that we believe is a fair value for what we offer.
Our suggestion is 1.75 in GBP Sterling.
This sum is adequate to cover our website administation costs.
Attempting to donate a sum (or several sums) below the minimum charge stated in Rule 1 will lead to an unsuccessful transaction, and the payment(s) cannot be refunded. See our terms and conditions. (Clause 3 'Prices.')

Rule 3.
We invite the purchaser to make a discretionary donation.
You can donate any sum you choose above the minimum payment value.
However, we hope you will pay more than the suggested payment in Rule 2 to help us cover the cost of expanding the site to include tuition for other software as well. (Please use the 'Feedback' page to inform us of the training material for other software you would like us to provide.)

Step1 - The currency converter

To check pricing values using the Currency Converter CLICK HERE.

Step 2 - Select what you require from us.

Before making your selection below, CLICK HERE for a quick explanation of what to expect.

After clicking the appropriate button you will be redirected to the PayPal website. Do not close the paypal window at any time. After successfull payment you will be returned to our site with a page that has the training you require.


Option 1./      A full printout of the 47 task training complete with its own certificate.

  (75p in GBP sterling)

  (Your choice of payment value greater than 75p)


Option 2./      A full printout of the advanced training complete with its own certificate.

  (75p in GBP sterling)

  (Your choice of payment value greater than 75p)


Step 3 - The resulting window will have what you require.

Print the material BEFORE closing the window.

Thank you for trading with us.

If you would like help or have problems, please use our 'Feedback' page in Section E, or call using the phone numbers below. When using the 'Feedback' page, please allow 24 hours for a reply.

From inside Great Britain (UK) phone :-               08714 - 237136
From outside Great Britain (UK) phone:-     0044 - 8714 - 237136

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