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Areas shaded in green are Section B, Section C and Section G of this website. Areas shaded in red are Section D of this website - FREE Autocad 3D instructions.
Tutorial Procedures.
Getting the most from our Autocad 3D course
Using the tutorials to learn CAD 3D.
Scope of these tutorials for learning CAD 3D Free.
Application to different CAD Design Disciplines.
User experience requirements to learn CAD 3D.
Software commands and interpreting the Autocad 3D Instructions.
Equipment requirements.
Learning CAD 3D Free - The 3D Design Concept is vital. (Task 1, paragraph 1)
CAD 3D Free Tutorial 1
Creating a 3D CAD model and obtaining 2D projection views.
Autocad Settings required for these 3D CAD instructions. Tasks 1-2
The VPOINT command. Task 3
Saving and restoring views. Task 5
Ucs manipulation and creating an Autocad 3D model. Task 6-8
Creating 2D orthographic projection views from the 3D CAD
model so far. (Tilemode & Mview commands.)
Tasks 9-11
Formal drawing preparation from an Autocad 3D model. Tasks 12-14
Aligning projection views. Tasks 15-16
Freezing Mview borders for formal drawings. Task 17
CAD 3D Tutorial 2
Creating a 3D assembly. How to start the first live 3D design.
Setting layers and colors Task 18-19
Adding the second 3D component. Tasks 20-32
An alternative VPOINT method. Task 33
Hiding the 3D components. Task 34
Saving a Ucs and saving view projections
(Naming conventions for views and Ucs's.)
Task 35
Adding more 3D components. Tasks 36-37
An alternative method for cylinders. Task 38
CAD 3D Tutorial 3
Manipulating views when setting projections, & displaying assembly components individually. Full layering methods for collaborative working and Auxiliary views.
Changing projection directions. Task 39
Preparing several drawings. Task 40
Isolating 3D components from 3D assemblies for detailing. Task 41
Layer management for complex 3D designs. Page 59
Applying 3D CAD methods to different engineering disciplines. Page 62
Creating component blocks. Tasks 42-43
Creating an auxiliary view. Task 44
Creating an assembly block. Task 45
Understanding blocks and component visibility. Page 68
CAD 3D Tutorial 4
Detailing and up-issuing.
3D methods and detailing. Page 71
Dimensioning to a Viewscale. The DIMFLAC command. Task 46
Managing issue levels. Task 47
1. Trouble shooting
Projection errors. Hidden lines and surfaces. Disappearing entities.
Ucs's and line thicknesses. Viewport scales and DIMFLAC. Unwanted entities.
2. Effective methods for 3D design.
Efficient CAD techniques. Project management techniques - Managing
3D designs for concurrent methods.
3. Creating surfaces and solids.
Limitations of surfaces. Using 3D FACE. Advanced modeling - How to use Edgesurfs & Polylines for unevenly curved surfaces.
4. Cost reductions resulting from 3D CAD methods.

SUMMARY: Tutorial procedures. Four Tutorials. Four Appendices. 100 pages total.