How to use PayPal.

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Using PayPal

What to expect with PayPal.

When you make your selection you will be transferred to our payment system provider. It is a secure payment system by 'PayPal' and you have the option to quit the process at any time by choosing a link to return to

The 'Buy now' and 'Make donation' options work like this:-

Choosing the 'Buy Now' payment gives a screen where the price details are already completed. If you choose the 'Make Donation' payment you will have to complete any empty fields at the top - usually just the sum of money in GBP Sterling (). In many cases, there might be an update button to click before proceeding. If there isn't an update button, proceed anyway.

You now have a choice of 2 ways to proceed. They are as follows:-

Firstly, if you have a paypal account, you can log in on the right hand side of the screen and complete a paypal transfer.

Alternatively, you can do a credit card transaction by using the link to continue. The link is near the credit card images on the left of the screen. You will need your credit card details ready to complete the information fields.

After successfull payment, PayPal will transfer you back to ours site where you will see links to the appropriate training and certificate.

Please return to the main window and make your selection. When completed you will be able to print the training and certificate you require.

Do not close the paypal window at any time. After successfull payment you will be returned to our site with a page that has what you require.

Print the material immediately.