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Why not make use of the free resources at the side and bottom of these webpages - some very useful material.

Please feel welcome to use the free resources at the side and bottom of these webpages. Just click for useful stuff.

Fundamental 3D Design with AutoCad and LT, The Step by Step tutorials

Welcome to our free Autocad 3D tutorials to learn 3D Autocad training.

Welcome to our free Autocad 3D tutorials to learn 3D Autocad training. This free 3D Autocad training - worth over $900 (USD) when class tutored - shows you how to learn 3D design by giving ALL of our Autocad 3D tutorials online for free without any need to register. Learning 3D Autocad from this online 3D tutorial is the start point for achieving a professional level of 3D Autocad design knowledge, and a great way toward getting a well paid career. Our free 3D Autocad training course proves that learning 3D design online is very easy... So; to become an Autocad 3D professional, just log on and learn...
(Proceed to Section D to begin.)

This online 3D Autocad training course contains training material suitable for Auto cad 3D novices as well as experienced Auto cad 2D users. Feel free to add a link to it on your company or college website because it is a significant amount of free training resource. Please read the whole of this page to find out what you will learn with this online Autocad 3D training course as it will help you to decide which are the most appropriate sections of the website for your level of experience. Having a professional level of 3D CAD design skills will increase your career prospects, your pay levels, and status during this period of strong demand for 3D CAD users.

Fundamental 3D Design With AutoCAD And AutoCAD LT - The Step By Step Tutorials

It is proven in application, easy to follow, and written by end users for end users. Below are some examples of what people think about our Autocad training material, and if you would like to comment too, just use our Feedback Page in Section E of the website to let us know what you think:-

"...This was great! - Can't believe the pure LACK of simple instruction within school as well as Auto Desk itself - Keep going, this kind of 'spelled out', step-by-step instruction is going to make your training leading edge if you manage it well..."
Our thanks go to Rebecca Bennett of HJ Heinz in Pocatello, ID for her opinions.

A Free 3D Autocad Training Course That is Proven in Application

Since we are a 3D design company specializing in Engineering design services, we are in an unrivalled position to share our experience of how to apply practical 3D design techniques to real life design projects. The result is that our 3D Autocad training course is very high quality because it covers 3D geometry construction as well as creating projection drawings directly from the 3D object.

Furthermore, 3D design has to be tackled differently to the '2D design process' for it to reach full potential. Our course addresses this and thus takes users to a level of knowledge suitable for working in design departments of large companies. It gives the course user a big advantage in securing well paid employment in a 3D CAD Design environment.

Lack of awareness about how to maximise the advantages available from the '3D design process' was a reason that drawing offices in companies were slow in moving to 3D CAD design methods.

Factors that make 3D methods significantly sperior to 2D methods are given at the start of Section B - Understanding 3D.

Easy to Follow 3D Autocad Training

Our free 3D Autocad training course has been thoroughly tested with genuine students during its development. It therefore conveys maximum understanding of the entire 3D CAD design process in a work place situation. These 3D Autocad tutorials use clear, concise and unambiguous instructions throughout, giving the trainee exactly what is needed and at the appropriate time while learning 3D Autocad. You even have access to 3D Design experts simply by using the 'Feedback' section of this website. It is very rare for people to request help from our 3D design experts, but it is available for the duration of the entire course so feel free to use it at any time... Just send 'Feedback' containing your question or support request.

Autocad 3D tutorials By End Users for End Users

We believe we are the only Autocad training provider that uses 3D design for the contract work we undertake for our client's and hope you agree the result is a BIG improvement in 3D CAD training quality when compared to traditional sources of learning 3D design. The proof is on this website, so just log on and learn...

Experience levels - Getting the Most From these Autocad and Autocad lt Tutorials

The training material is applicable to all Auto cad and Autocad LT releases after 1993, right up to the latest software versions. People with more than 80 hours of 2D Autocad experience will benefit most, but feel free to have a go. You might know more than you think.

3D Novices

Auto cad 3D novices should start to learn 3D design by following the link at the bottom of this home page headed "Auto cad 3D Capability" and then move to:-
Section B (Understanding 3D) followed by

Section C (Instructions for using the tutorials) and then
Section D (The Tutorials.)
By working through section D, novices will create a 3D model and the projection drawings for it, followed by creating an assembly model and the associated drawings. You will NOT need to register or log-in to get the full set of Autocad 3D modelling tutorials - it is all FREE.

3D Intermediate and 3D Advanced users.

Intermediate and advanced 3D users should start with:-
Section C (Instructions for using the tutorials) and
Section D (The Tutorials)

The simple assembly model created in Section D is needed for conveying how 3D design is done in a 'live' 3D design corporate work place. Advanced users should NOT value the simple assembly model for gaining Autocad 3D modeling experience because it is to easy. However, since it plays an essential part for understanding the '3D design process' issues it should be completed anyway. Treat this simple modelling exercises as a good chance to test your own knowledge and the clarity of our training material. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully the way novices would, or you will inadvertently miss out steps and not gain the full benefit of our material.

Lectureres and Teachers

This training is offered freely to Schools, Colleges and Universities so that a high quality 3D CAD design learning resources avilable to all students. Furthermore, we would like to tailor the training to meet the specific needs of your prospectus. Just use our feedback page to contact us.
By putting a hyperlink the training on the College, University, or School website, it clearly demonstrates a strong commitment to students' best interests by offering them the very best 3D Design training resources for free.

Good luck with learning 3D design, and please feel to contact us using the Feedback page on Section E of the website with your comments, opinions, and suggestions for adding updates, at any time.

Tim McDermott,
(3D Tutorials Project Manager, Senior Designer & Author - 3D Cadcea Ltd.)

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