SECTION C1 - Using the online Autocad FREE tutorials.

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Using the Autocad online Tutorials

Read all of the text carefully and sequentially. This is a course to be followed in the order the tasks are covered, so if sections are missed out it will cause confusion and gaps in the student's understanding. There are no unnecessary passages in this Autocad online training,

It is not possible to use a short cut series of commands to turn a 2D design into a 3D design until 3D methods are very familiar. Consequently, the fastest way to get results is to follow our course and gain understanding of the method for "live" 3D design work. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AND EXPLANATIONS VERY CAREFULLY.

This 3D tutorial course conveys best practice as used in corporate 3D design environments where practical 3D design and subsequent working drawings are prime considerations. It concentrates on the following:-

  1. Creating Cad 3D models efficiently by not over or under modeling. (Efficient methods are used throughout the 3D tutorial course and are not highlighted specifically.)
  2. Obtaining traditional orthographic projection drawings from 3D assembly and piece-part models.
  3. organization of 3D methods. Model names, model splitting, layers and issue levels.

It is not a document for:-

  1. Giving in depth knowledge about every command and its options. (There are many competent publications that cover commands and their options.)
  2. Giving countless 3D design methods and suggesting each is reviewed by trainees before they decide the most appropriate way. There is only one general approach to using 3D design if its advantages are to be fully exploited.
  3. Concentrating on the visually spectacular such as meshes and photo-realistic renderings. (Add on software is required to create photo-realistic renderings.)
    Over elaborate models take longer to create, sap computer power, and often don't convey any further design information than a simple version of the same part.
    Simple, processor efficient, adequately representative models are the most appropriate.
    Over modeling wastesthe designers' time and effort.