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Ordering details for our 3D Tutorial Course. (Click for Terms, Conditions, and Privacy policy.)

Our research shows most employers are considering moving to 3D design in the next 3 years and are willing to purchase our 3D tutorial course on behalf of employees because it represents very good value for reaching a 'Professional Level' of 3D CAD Design compared to traditional 3D training courses. Our course is much higher quality because as well as 3D geometry construction, it includes layer structures to allow collaborative working along with training about understanding the management of 3D designs. It is well worth making inquiries with your employer about getting a contribution to the cost of our course. (Please contact us by phone or email if you experience problems using this page. +44-1483-871143)


Please be assured that this website and order page does NOT create any unwarranted postal mail or email. (Also known as Spam or Junk mail.) Spam and Junk mail takes time and money to create, administer, and monitor, and has never shown itself to bring any additional revenue to our company activity. We get a lot of Junk mail ouselves and are strongly against it.

Please read the rest of this page carefully.

There are 2 ways of paying for our 3D training course so that you can feel completely confident about the quality of our tutorials, and the 2 methods are explained in a moment. Each payment method has benefits to assure you that our 3D training course is right for your needs. We also hope that you feel assured from the fact that 3D Cadcea gives away a significant amount of free training on our website - including a large section from the start of our 3D training course. The purpose of the free training is to give people complete confidence our 3D tutorial course reaches their expectations. Please work through the free training on this website to ensure our 3D training course is right for you.

The two payment methods are Credit Card Payment and Mail Order Payment and the advantages of each are as follows:-


This payment method allows people to make use of our 'delayed payment' scheme to get the full course for a 30 day trial period OR to make a single payment in full.

In the unlikely event the training is inappropriate, customers that made a single credit card payment for the full amount have a 30 day money back guarantee . The 'delayed payment' method gives similar benefits and works as follows:-

By placing a 'delayed payment' order, our customers have the opportunity to finish the training within 30 days BEFORE being charged and can thus be completely confident that it reaches the standard they are expecting. If you find the training is not right for your needs, simply return it within 30 days of the 'order processing date' shown on the product receipt that arrives with the training course. However, If you decide to keep the training, then 3D Cadcea will process your card payment on day 30 from the 'order processing date' shown on your receipt. All we ask is for a small initial payment to cover the packing and administration costs, and that any training returned to us arrives in an 'as new' condition so it can be used for other customers. Returned training manuals that are damaged will be charged to the customer and re-sent back to them again with another small deduction for packing and administration.

The minimal charges covering our packing and administration costs for the 'delayed payment' scheme are given in a moment, and payments are accepted from any country and in any currency including Euros. However, major currencies are preferred because they allow faster delivery.


This payment method is for people that do not want to use a credit card on the internet. Instead of credit card, we ask you for a paper based payment such as a check/cheque or money order, and the ordering details follow in a moment. It is not possible to offer a trial period with the mail order payment method because we can only accept a single payment for the full amount. Despite this, we still offer our 30 day money back guarantee if you find the training is not suitable for your needs. Mail order payments are accepted from any country and in any currency including Euros but major currencies are preferred because they allow faster delivery. Postal Money Orders give the shortest delivery times of all.


The content of our website demonstrates we know the subject of 3D Autocad Design very well. Such knowledge takes some years to gain, and should be seen as strong evidence of our enduring and reliable trading background. We have traded legitimately for nearly fifteen years within the 3D CAD and 3D design community, and we intend to uphold our good reputation. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email at any time if you would like further assurance about trading with us.


Placing an order with us is a simple 4 step process and you can phone for help at any time by phoning us. If dialing from outside of Great Britain please call +44 - 1483 - 871143. For calls from within the UK please call 08714 - 237136. First decide if you want to pay by credit card or mail order. Secondly, work out the price to pay in GBP Sterling () by following the instructions given in 'step 2' below. Thirdly, convert the GBP Sterling price to the currency of your choice by following the instructions in step 3. Lastly, complete the credit card OR mail order form. The detailed instructions for completing an order are as follows:-

Step 1
Decide what payment method you want to use - credit card or mail order. If you decide to buy the training course with a single payment then go to step 2. To make use of the 30 day trial period, go to step 1a.

Step 1a
Customers paying by credit card can make use of the 30 day trial period but have to pay a minimum charge to cover the postage and administration costs. Credit card customers can also choose to pay the full amount in a single payment.

Step 2
Use the A, B, and C price information shown below to calculate how much to pay in GBP.

Price A - Cost of training material:-

Cost of Second Edition 3D Tutorial manual - 34.95 (per copy)
The second edition copy is suitable for ALL software releases
from R11 / LT2 right through to R2005 / LT 2005 and covers
both inch and mm units.

Cost of First Edition Training manual - 24.95 (per copy)
The first edition copy is only suitable for software releases
up to R14 / LT98 and is in mm units

Price B - Cost of postage:-
Delivery to United Kingdom and Ireland - Add 1.50 (per copy)
Delivery to Europe (Central and Eastern) - Add 2.50 (per copy)
Delivery to Arab Regions and African Continent - Add 4.00 (per copy)
Delivery to United States, Canada and South America - Add 4.00 (per copy)
Delivery to Australasia, Japan and Pacific Rim Regions - Add 5.00 (per copy)

Price C - Cost of administration charge:-
The administration charge is only applicable to people who want to make use of the 30 day trial period. It covers our postage and administration costs and is 7.50

If you wish to make a single payment in full (either by credit card or mail order) add the training cost (price A) to the postage cost (price B) and the figure you end up with is the total price to pay. Please make a note of this price in GBP () because you will need it again in a moment.

If you are making a minimum payment for the 30 day trial period (this is only available to credit card customers) then add the postage cost (price B) to the administration cost (price C) and make a note of the value in GBP () for use in a moment.

Step 3
During this step a new window will open that allows you to convert the GBP figure you noted down to the currency that you want to use. Read the description on the two lines below and then start the currency conversion window by... CLICKING HERE.

Put the UK GBP price in the tiny box on the left
Put 'GBP' in the middle box.
Put your currency in the right hand box.

The value returned by the currency converter is the fee to pay to 3D Cadcea Ltd.

Step 4
Click here for Credit Card payment.
Regardless of the currency used we usually take less than 2 working days to complete the administration, packaging, and dispatch of your 3D tutorial course and it usually arrives within 5 days. However, we ask you to please allow a maximum of 10 days for the occasions when we have busy periods.

Step 4a
Your payment should be made payable to '3D Cadcea Ltd.' and mail order customers MUST print the information after completing the fields on the order form and then send it with their payment. (It allows us to quickly match an order payment to the delivery address because the information arrives together.) After printing the information to accompany the mail order payment please complete the online submission so the delivery address can be processed before your payment arrives. Making an online submission as well as providing the printed version allows faster matching, faster processing and thus a faster delivery time.
Click here for Mail order payment.
As a mail order customer, if you want to trade in US Dollars ($) or GBP Sterling (), then visit a bank and ask to raise a $ or payment. Regardless of the currency used our mail order deliveries usually take less than 10 working days to process the administration, packaging, and dispatch of our 3D tutorial course. However, we ask you to please allow a maximum of 20 days to allow for busy periods.

On receiving an order with payment, the product is dispatched along with a full receipt. In the unlikely event that you need assistance with the 3D training manual, instructions for obtaining support from us are also enclosed.

Thank you for trading with us.