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Our main area of business is to offer 3D Design services and general Cad drafting services to our client base, and typical examples are outlined in the list below.

As for our training services, we believe we are the only organization that offers training about the '3D design process' as well as '3D geometry' issues. The '3D Design process' issues are essential for maximizing the benefits of 3D design, but other organizations concentrate solely on the geometry issues.
Is inadequate training about the '3D design process' the reason that doubts persist about the value of 3D design methods? We believe it is, and our comprehensive training services for 3D project managers and 3D design engineers are covered in the list at the bottom.

Our name - 3D CADCEA - stands for:-

3D Computer Aided Design Concepts, Engineering, & Applications.

As the name suggests, our 3D design services are mostly in the field of 3D design engineering where innovation plays a major part.

Examples of 3D Cad services we offer as specialist 3D design engineers are as follows:-

  1. Special purpose machine design. This can be anything from the design of a complete set of machines, or merely a very specific modification or update to an existing item of factory plant. Clients include:-
    • Molins - Cigarette manufacturing machinery,
    • Applied Materials - Computer chip manufacturing machinery,
    • Carnaud Metal Box - Food machinery for putting caps on jars,
    • Mars Confectionery - Food machinery for chocolate egg manufacture,
    • DEK printing machines - Printing machines for circuit board tracks.

  2. specialized crane design that might be required as an integral part of other special equipment such as a wind turbine. Clients include:-
    • NEG Micon - Design of internal equipment and crane items for NEG wind turbine hubs,
    • Vestas Wind Systems - Design of servicing access equipment for Vestas wind turbines,
    • Thomson CSF - A subframe for a Boeing flight simulator.

  3. 3D design engineering to package small elecrtonic components with mechanical housings. Clients include:-
    • Alcatel submarine networks - Deep sea fiber optic electronics for internet cable networks,
    • Litton Marine - Packaging of Marine Radar electronics for use on the exterior of ocean vessels,
    • GEC Marconi - Packaging of Aircraft Radar equipment in a wingpod.

  4. One off investigations in 3D for space and fit issues such as during maintenance for changing large valves within oil refinery plant.

  5. The provision of degree qualified engineering staff on a contract basis during busy work periods. Our 3D design consultants can be made available to client companies for part time, full time, long period or short period placings, either for training or for 3D Cad design services.

  6. The provision of 3D design consultants for one off projects for companies that usually work with 2D methods but ocassionally need 'one off ' 3D Cad design services.

  7. Cad drafting and parts listing services. We create detail drawings (and assembly drawings and parts lists if asked) from 3D Cad designs that are sent to us. There is little risk of a company losing control of the design, because we ask the client to split their designs in to 3D sub assemblies or component parts, and issue different sub models to a different 3D design consultancy. It allows companies to keep their skilled 3D Cad designers in house concentrating on 3D design engineering, but enables reduced overheads by outsourcing the mundane 2D Cad draghting aspects in a risk free way by giving several drafting houses a fraction of the drawn parts. (We will also undertake 2D Cad drafting work such as drawing floor plans.)

  8. Any other 3D Cad design services that clients would like done to meet their specific requirements.

Please phone or email at any time for a discussion about other 3D cad design services we can offer.

Apart from engineering design, our additional 3D Cad services that include training are as follows:-

  1. Consultancy services to assist companies - particularly their Project Managers - make the transition to correct 3D design management activities.
    • To maximize the benefits of 3D design engineering, a project needs to be managed differently to the way 2D design projects are managed. (See Section G of our website to understand the savings and 3D design management issues faced by 3D design engineers.) These are the '3D design process' issues that are never covered by other training organizations.
    • The majority of companies that use this service prefer that a member(s) of our Degree qualified engineering staff joins their project team at the premises of the client company for an agreed time scale. During the placing, our representative(s) will undertake the mentoring and guidance of project managers that are unfamiliar with 3D design management as well as mentoring the 3D CAD Designers and also contribute to the daily 3D design engineering work when not directly involved with mentoring.
    • We call this our 'integrated 3D design training program' and it helped DEK printing machines in their transition to 3D design engineering.

  2. Assisting the building services and quantity surveying industries with quantity schedules. Our 3D CAD services have been used to get exact quantity schedules without the need for spreadsheets or additional software. This becomes particularly attractive if there is an existing 3D Cad design of the building, because it is a very small step for an existing 3D Cad design to be taken a little further to obtain the quantity schedule information. It merely relies on using a professional Layer / Block structure to enable the extraction of the data.
    • Airmat systems Ltd used our services with quantity schedules for ductwork.

If you would like to find out more about any of the 3D design services above, please email at us any time.

This rest of this section will outline the skills and experience of our staff by giving summaries of their careers to date, but is currently under construction - To find out more about our individual staff members please phone or email or visit this site again soon.