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Task Five

While doing these 3D free tutorials it is useful to save Autocad 3D views with a names, so that useful 3D views can be recalled easily by their name without having to re-set a vpoint every time. Autocad 3D View names can follow a convention - discussed in detail at the end of Task 35 - so this Autocad 3D view is going to be called 7. Other 3D pictorial views might be called 70 or 71.

Using numbers to identify views minimizes typing, but any name that complies with AutoCAD will do. However, use the names given in the 3D free tutorials for now. Your own naming conventions can be used after completing this online 3D Autocad course.

centralize the screen image by doing zoom > 0.8x >

The next command (view) varies for different Autocad releases, so begin by typing the following:-

view >

Newer Autocad software responds with a window (similar to Fig Tsk 5) while older Autocad software responds in the command line window. For newer software, skip the next paragraph and go direct to the one below Fig Tsk 5.

For older Autocad software, the 'view' command is followed by typing S (for Save.) The software then prompts for a view name. Type 7 and the return key. The view is now saved with the name '7.' The paragraph at the bottom of this page shows how to prove it is saved by disrupting the image with a zoom in and then restoring the image called '7.' The process of restoring saved images with older software is very similar to saving images. Type 'view' followed by R (for Restore.) The software then prompts for a view name to restore. Type 7 and the return key, and the view called '7' is then displayed on screen.

image of Autocad window menu to save views.

Fig Tsk 5.

After typing 'view' the new window has 3 option tabs on the right starting at the top with "Set Current."
Pick the one in the middle called "New"
Another new window appears and the top field is called "View Name." The cursor should be at the start of this field waiting for a new name.
Type the number 7 in this field and pick OK.
The remaining window should now appear exactly as the one in Fig Tsk 5, and the view is now saved with the name '7.'
Pick the OK button at the bottom to complete the command.

To prove that the view is now saved with the name "7", the screen image needs to be disrupted so that the image can be restored.
Zoom in so there are no entities shown in the screen area. For users of newer software, (older software was dealt with in the paragraph before Fig Tsk 5) restore the view as follows:-
Type 'view' and the window if Fig Tsk 5 appears. Highlight the line starting with 7, then click the 'Set Current' option on the right, and finally click OK. The view is restored to appear as it did before zooming in. A saved view can be created and restored at any time.

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Please feel welcome to make use of the free resources at the side and bottom of these webpages. Many of them contain very useful 3D CAD material.


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