Modelling environment, assemblies, component assembly & assembly models.

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Task Eighteen

The next tutorial will add two more components to the model showing how assemblies evolve, so the modelling environment will be needed once more.

Return to the modelling environment by picking the model tab at the bottom left of the graphics area or typing ‘tilemode > 1’. The model is now seen in its modelling environment.

Ensure the grid is off and save your work.

Tutorial 2

Task 19 on the next page is the start of Tutorial 2.

OK! So you now know how to create a single part, and get the 2D drawings from it. Lets move up a gear and do it for a model consisting of a number of items... (If you ignored the first component and skipped to this section, you are going to get stuck, as the first component is vital to the rest of this FREE training!)

Tutorial 2 adds two more components so the model becomes a three component assembly. This Tutorial represents where a genuine 3D project would start by creating one or more assembly models with a proper multi layer and multi block structure. (When you have completed the training and are ready to start a genuine 3D design, start by creating component and assembly models with the proper layer and block structures as described later in these training tasks.)

Some simple layer control is introduced in Tutorial 2 to show the basic principles in readiness for Tutorial 3 when the layer and block structure is covered in detail.

As for creating drawings, these usually - but not always - happen much later when the design starts to mature.

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